Our Beer


Groundswell has a 3.5 barrel brew system with three 3.5-barrel fermenters and one 6-barrel fermenter. Loosely translated, we brew about three times a week, and it’s all out in the open. Despite the name, there is no ocean view from Mission Valley, but we think the view of the brew system is a thing of beauty.

We have six beers on tap and will be expanding to six more just as soon as we sell off that oceanfront land in Arizona. We’re not yet clever enough to give our beers fancy names, if you have ideas, we have ears.

Blonde — 4.8 ABV, 17.5 IBU
Ginger Saison — 6.9 ABV, 37 IBU
Hefeweizen — 5.2 ABV, 12 IBU
ISB — 5.7 ABV, 27 IBU
IPA — 6.8 ABV, 64 IBU

Brown — 5.2 ABV, 22 IBU

IIPA – 8.3 ABV, 86 IBU

White IPA – 6.4 ABV, 46 IBU