Our Beer


Established in November 2013, Groundswell Brewing Company focuses on high-quality, well-balanced beer with nuanced flavor. Our beers are often lower in alcohol content to highlight flavors. This means our beer pairs well with food, and plays well with a San Diego lifestyle. It can be enjoyed playing sports, during a day at the beach, and with friends and family. We do the hoppy, dank thing too…but overall, our portfolio of beers is balanced.

What is the sound of one glass clinking?

We love beer, and we want you to love beer too. Our beer philosophy is simple: beer is social.

We’ve met some great people while drinking beer, and the San Diego beer community is the finest in the land. Our beer is designed to be sessionable, flavorful, and with a lot of variety. Enjoy a few beers with good people and it is a good day.

Beer Portfolio

Our core beers represent a variety of beer styles, all with focus on aroma, mouthfeel, and flavor. These beers are available year-round in the taproom and for growler fill. You will also find these beers in a number of restaurant and craft beer locations throughout Southern California. We announce styles on tap and new beers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Our seasonal brews are available in limited quantity in the tasting room with occasional distribution.