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Groundswell is a values-driven company, with a commitment to the community. We take our tagline of “Serving a Thirsty World” to heart.

We seek opportunities to partner with non-profit organizations that serve our key priorities:

1. Safe and healthy children;
2. Safe and healthy animals; and
3. Clean water initiatives.
4. Additionally, we have a special place in our heart for organizations that better the communities in which we live and have tasting rooms.

If you are looking for a donation of beer and/or time from Groundswell, please submit a request on letterhead outlining:

1. Your event and target audience;
2. Your organization and the audience you serve;
3. Your need; and
4. How you will partner with us

Due to ABC regulations you should know:

• We can only donate beer to a charity (not merch, gift cards, etc.)
• Donations can only be made to a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, in current, good standing
• You must provide an ABC single-day event permit

Email your request to: Christianne [at] groundswellbrew [dot] com

Requests are reviewed on the second Tuesday of the month. Those requests that serve our target communities, and are properly submitted will be reviewed first.